IkOala is here to help trademark and copyright owners

IkOala recognises the importance of trademarks and copyrights. Our advertiser agreements prohibit any intellectual property infringement by advertisers. Advertisers are responsible for the keywords they choose to promote their ads, images and the text that they choose to use in those ads. IkOala takes intellectual property infringement seriously and we investigate all matters raised by intellectual property owners. IkOala will remove any advertisement or promotional material where an intellectual property infringement can be demonstrated and advise the advertiser accordingly.

File a notification about the use of your intellectual property

Advising ikOala that you believe that intellectual property has been infringed is simple. Please send an email to support@ikoala.com.au and provide us with:

  1. Your name, business and contact details
  2. The name of the product you believe is infringing on your intellectual property and the URL on the ikOala website.
  3. The details of why you believe that your intellectual property has been infringed, including reference to the affected trademarks and copyrights that are owned by you.

Note that we may share your contact email address to advertisers who enquire about authorisation for your intellectual property. Therefore, when you're completing the complaint form, please enter an email address that will be appropriate for such requests.

If there is no demonstrable infringement of intellectual property then ikOala reserves the right to continue to list an advertiser’s product or service.